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El VIII Simposio Internacional «Calidad 2017»

On July 4-7th, 2017 Steel Work LLC participated at the event arranged by The Academy of Mining Science of Ukraine.

More than 100 representatives of industrial companies, top managers of state and business institutions from all over the Ukraine attended the Symposium. The honored guest was the President of the National Academy of Mining Sciences of the Kazakhstan Republic.

The President of the Academy of Mining Sciences of Ukraine Mr. Yurii Vilkul remarked the next vital questions of the event: ferrous product quality, quality of steel making industry, some environment issues: “We are really sorting out a wide range of questions how to improve the quality of our mining and processing factories, steel making plants. The core issue is to conduct nature-conservative measures, to improve nature environment of industrial regions” “I would like to admit, it is very important to consider both the quality of the products and the quality of people living”, said Mr. Yurii Vilkul.