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Bimetallic wear resistant plates SWIP produced by “Steel Work” LLC

 Steel Work LLC –Ukrainian company that successfully operates in the field of protection of technological equipment from different types of wear. Competitive advantage of the company is its use advanced technologies and scientific developments. Steel Work is a member of the Academy of Mining Sciences of Ukraine as well as a member of the Society of Welders of Ukraine.

The main activities of Steel Work LLC:

  • Technical due diligence of the customer’s enterprise. Analysis of equipment’s problem units.
  • Preparation of recommendation for protection of equipment from wear.
  • Development of technology to increase the service life of equipment.
  • Production, supply and installation of bimetallic wear-resistant plates SWIP and parts according to the customer’s drawings.
  • Renovation, strengthening and repair of equipment exposed to wear, using various wear-resistant materials.
  • Monitoring and control of the equipment after integration of Steel Work technologies.
  • Technical support of equipment within the time specified by the customer

Particular attention Steel Work LLC pays on using bimetal ,as a universal wear-resistant material. Company has its own proprietary technology for the production of bimetallic plates SWIP (Steel Work Innovation Plate) Technological production line ofbimetallic wear-resistant plates SWIP has been started out on its own production base Steel Work LLC.

What is it bimetallic wear-resistant plate SWIP?

Bimetallic wear resistant plate is a double-layer metal material composed of two different metals - steel and alloys which are firmly connected to each other and it is a unified whole. The layers have different functions and in accordance with these terms they are called – the basicand deposited layer . Basic layer assumes mechanical loads and deposited layer has high wear resistance and has protective function (Read more about bimetal).

Using bimetallic wear resistant plates has a number of advantages in comparison with simple metal. In some cases it’s possible to create a set of operational properties unattainable in simple metals, steel or alloys.

Application of bimetallic wear resistant plates SWIP is efficient for the following reasons:

  • Ability to protect the equipment from any type of wear;
  • A significant extension of equipment service life by improving the durability of the protected surface;
  • Reducing the weight of the lining of equipment up to 50% and consequently increasing of productivity of equipment;
  • Reducing operating costs for maintenance of equipment and consequently reducing production costs;
  • Simplicity of installation of bimetallic plates. 

Fields of application of bimetallic plates SWIP

  • Mining equipment;
  • Opencast equipment;
  • Crushing and processing equipment;
  • Nodulizer equipment. 
  • Mining equipment;
  • Processing equipment;
  • Coke-chemical equipment. 
  • Opencast equipment;
  • Cement works equipment. 
  • Transportation equipment;
  • Ventilation equipment. 
  • Agglomeration equipment;
  • Blast-furnace equipment; 
  • Equipment for power plants.
  • Handling equipment.