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The main focus of the company  Steel Work  is to increase the service life and reduce maintenance costs of technological equipment of enterprises of mining, metallurgical, coal, cement, chemical, power and other industries. The company continuously improves the production technology and product’s quality due to modern equipment, advanced technology and skilled stuff.

Steel Work LLC manufactures and supplies the following products:

  • Bimetallic wear resistant plates SWIP;
  • Bimetallic lining for technological equipment according to the customer’s drawings;
  • Products made of bimetallic plates SWIP according to the customer’s drawings;
  • Lining of various wear resistant materials according to individual conditions of the customer.

Installation work can be carried out by the customer as well as by Steel Work LLC.

Bimetallic wear resistant plates SWIP

Steel Work LLC produces standard bimetallic plates SWIP of size 1500*3000 mm, the weld zone 1300*2800mm. Bimetallic plates SWIP are presented in a wide range of thickness from 8 mmto 31 mm  (download Catalogue).

The company also produces bimetallic plates in accordance with individual customer requirements.

Special structure of deposited layer allows making different constructions with the help of rolling and bending

The hardness of the deposited layer of bimetallic plates SWIPafter Rockwell is 58 – 62 HRC,the hardness of carbides - 1400 HRV. Characteristics of the layer may have different parameters of hardness and wear resistance, depending on customer’s specification  (download Catalogue).

Bimetallic lining for technological equipment

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Bimetallic lining for not standard equipment according to customers drawings

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Fabrications made of bimetallic plates SWIPaccording to the customers drawings

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The lining of the various wear resistant materials according to the individual customers requirements.

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