Beam technologies in welding and materials processing

Steel Work LLC have participated in the IX International conference which took place in Odessa city and was organized by the Institute of Electric Welding named after E.O. Paton of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine. In 2019 the topic of the conference was defined as “Beam technologies in welding and materials processing”.

With every passing year these type of gatherings involve more and more people. Specialists and experts on welding technologies from Kiev, Kharkov, Dnipro and of course from Kriviy Rih share their developments and research results in the sphere of applying beam technologies. Very interesting experience was presented by the representatives of scientific organizations from Slovakia, Poland, Spain and even China.

Progressive area - 3D printing of spares for aerospace sphere. Numerous trials were done already and we can be proud of the results. Domestic materials absolutely are competitive with the foreign ones and can be applied in such serious spheres as aviation. Here the accuracy is the key criteria.

Steel Work LLC has been cooperating with the Institute of Electric Welding named after E.O. Paton. Together with the specialists of the institute we accomplish our production technology and develop new directions.